Galaxy Girl Guide

Galactic Sex
  • What will I see at Galactic Sex?
  • Can I interact with the Inhabitants?
  • How do I make requests?
  • What times do the space-flights depart?
  • How long is each show?
  • How am I charged to watch the show?
  • Do I have to have a credit card to buy time?
  • What item will appear on my credit card?
  • Do you recharge my credit card each month?
  • Why don't you accept my credit card?
  • How do you protect my personal data?
  • Is your site compatible with all Web browsers?
  • Can I use AOL or Web TV?
  • Can I get a free account to test it out?
  • How do I check my remaining time?
  • I have another question that is not listed above
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